The Invisible Part Of Web Development!



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I really like wintertime: the holiday season, New Year resolutions, buying presents for the loved ones, and even more enjoyable- receiving presents. While spending a great amount of time on different online shopping sites I came across some discomforting things.

I was picking presents on a website that was selling some hand made stuff, trying to checkout, but it had an error that didn’t allow me to carry out with my order. I decided to write an email to the support staff and received an auto reply saying that they will come back to my issue shortly. Unfortunately, due to holidays approaching so fast, ‘shortly’ was not fast enough and I had to look for another present to buy.
Another website I came across, required me to fill in my information, and it even required to upload my photo/avatar. But the funniest thing about this situation was that the website did not mention what type of files it accepted. Usually it’s a PNG, JPEG, or sometimes a GIF file. My geekiness got the best of me and I decided to check some things for the fun of it. I’ve tried to upload other types of images than the usual, and I was extremely surprised to find out that the website accepted a BMP file of more than 200 MB in size. Then I thought to give it a try to non-image files, maybe even some code. And again I was struck with surprise that my HTML code was accepted by the form and instead of the avatar it showed another functional website within the small frame. That meant that the form accepted executable scripts and scripts that might be harmful for the users. I have immediately reported the problem to the site’s administrator and the defect was fixed within one hour.

All of the above-described situations reminded me about the way we do what we do at FloAgency. Initially, when FloAgency was a small company known as Flosites, we underestimated the value of testing our products, which lead to a lot of support work that didn’t allow us to focus on growth. However, we have realized how important it is to test our products before they go live in the big world. We hired professionals in quality assurance, with 5+ years of experience in testing different products, e.g. desktop applications, mobile apps, websites, and others. We have developed a set of tests that each of our developed sites undergoes before being launched. Instantly, we have noticed the increase of our products’ quality that boosted our service delivery and the user experience.

Though it is an invisible part of the development process, it is one that makes the ultimate user experience really count and should not be ignored. Without the testing and then improving (if that is the case) of the web site, all of the remarkable design, interface and functionality serve no purpose. Recognizing the necessity to test our products not only improved the user experience, but also engaged all of the FloAgency team, that is involved in the process, to take into the account the product's final goal and the user's satisfaction with it.

And that is what we consider the true harvest of our work: your satisfaction, whether you are our Client or our Client's client!

With our outmost love,