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We are a Multi Disciplined Brand Design Agency.

So, what does that mean? We are a diverse team of creatives experienced in helping businesses shape great brands.

Flo Agency is a Brand Design Agency that empowers lifestyle companies to succeed in their online presence. We are strategic creatives using technology to its fullest to connect our clients with their target audience.
We focus and specialize in bespoke design, brand strategy and communication, utilizing the latest technology to strategically position our clients in their market. We believe in great relationships to develop great solutions for brands that have purpose.

Our Work

Our Process

Our Process is tailored to every project experience,
but in a quick nutshell it follows these steps:

  • Discover

    Discovery is an important step and the foundation which ensures a common understanding of your brand, vision, and culture. We explore the options for establishing and delivering your KPIs based on user stories and user flows throughout the site map. The discovery stage is centered on a prime focus of establishing communication, client priorities, and building the foundation for every project before starting into the design.

  • Define

    Based on initial discovery, our team analyzes each project and begins to concept the site map and wireframes, creating an organized road map for the design and development process.

  • Design

    Once wireframes are approved, the graphic implementation of the interface, UI, style, and iconography are applied to the wireframes and broken down into deliverable steps. Once confirmed, a digital scope is prepared for development.

  • Develop

    Upon design approval and based on the wireframes, sketches, and scope explanations, the visual assets are then prepared and transferred for development. The maintenance plan is prepared and the web pages are built out.

  • Testing

    Before initial web previews are complete, we conduct a series of QA tests to ensure a flawless user experience and pixel perfect look.

  • Deliver

    Once everything has been previewed, tested, polished, and approved, we then deliver all source files and libraries. We also provide you with training and support so you can continue to develop and maintain your new interactive brand online.


  • Brand Strategy

    We will explore your goals and business development options, to create an effective and relevant plan to provide direction to your business.

  • UX + Design

    Not only will we create a unique look for your site, we will also pair it with premium functionality and usability options to better communicate your brand message, all through our user friendly back-end management system.

  • Coding

    We study and utilize the latest development strategies to provide efficiency and agility for our clients.

  • iOS

    Mobile is the future. We will create a custom targeted brand, tailored to the best mobile technology platforms available. Whether your app is focused on gaming, social, productivity, or function, we can handle it all.

  • E-commerce

    We aid you in developing a marketplace where you can sell your product. We help you focus on your target audience and provide clearly defined usability for optimized conversation.

  • SEO / Digital Marketing

    There is no doubt that a website is not complete without creating a way for people to find it. This is a most vital element for brand communication. We make sure that you and your products are discoverable while still helping you share your story.

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